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Served daily from 4pm.




Garlic Bread - 4.7

Mozzarella Garlic Bread - 6.5

Pomodoro Garlic Bread - 6.1


Picante Garlic Bread - 6.9

Red onion and jalapenos

Rosemary Garlic Bread - 6.5

with fresh garlic and sea salt

Scarpetta di Casa - 1.5

Lemon aiolli

Spicy chilli mayo

Garlic and truffle mayo




Tomato Bruschetta - 6.5

Fresh baby tomatoes, with basil, red onion, 

olive oil and balsamic glaze


Funghi Bruschetta - 7.5

Mixed mushrooms with garlic,

cream, parmesan and rocket


Prawn and Crayfish Bruschetta - 8.5

With a spicy mayonnaise, shredded mixed leaf,

lemon and paprika


Calamari Fritti - 8.9

Deep fried squid with salad and

tartare sauce


Calamari Fritti - 8.9

Rocket and lemon alioli


King Prawns - 8.9

Chilli, olive oil and garlic

Soup - 6.9

Freshly made, served with house bread


Arancini - 7.5

Fried sicillan rice balls with

mushrooms and mozzarella with lemon aioli

Caprese Salad - 6.9

Fresh tomatoes, buffala mozzarella, infused basil oil

Chicken liver pate - 7.5

Served with caramelised onions, salad

and house bread


Marinated Mixed Olives - 4.9



Fungi Ripieni - 7.2

Creamy garlic mushrooms with Parmesan

and breadcrumbs



Salami - 14.9

Hot salami and caramelised jalapeños

in hot honey


La Piazza - 14.9

Mozzarella di bufala, proscuitto ham,

caramelised onion and fresh chilli


Romana - 14.5

Cooked ham and

portabello mushrooms

Funghi e fungi - 13.5

Fior di latte mozzarella,

mixed mushrooms and garlic

Calzone - 17.9

Folded with onions, mushrooms,

peppers, ham and salami

Marinara - 15.9

Mussels, prawns, cockles

and cherry tomato

Casareccia - 13.5

Red onion, mixed bell peppers

and fresh basil


Margarita - 12.5

Fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella,

Sanmarzano tomato base

Fettucine con Bistecca e Funghi - 16.9

Strips of rib eye, mixed mushooms, onions,

garlic and cream tossed in pasta ribbons


Creamy Lemon Linguini - 12.9

With white wine, basil, lemon zest and black pepper

Add Chicken £3.50


Fettucine al Salmone - 16.9

Pasta ribbons with smoked salmon,

chilli and tomatoes in a light creamy sauce


Lasagne - 13.5

Layers of pasta with bechamel

and our traditional bolognese sauce


Tortellini Spinaci e Ricotta - 12.9

Fresh filled pasta in a tomato and

cream sauce with garlic


Bolognese - 12.9

Spaghetti pasta with La Piazza bolognese sauce


Linguine Gamberi e Calamari - 15.9

King prawns and baby squid and cherry tomatoes in a

white wine, garlic and chilli tomato sauce


Spaghetti Carbonara - 13.9

Pancetta, egg yolk, parmesana and black pepper

with a touch of cream


28 day dry aged Fillet, 9oz - 28.0

Locally sourced, served with grilled vine tomatoes, portabello mushroom and fries

Rib Eye, 11oz - 26.0

Locally sourced, served with grilled vine tomatoes,

portabello mushroom and fries


Seabass - 21.9

Grilled with lemon and butter, served with crushed potatoes and tender-stem broccoli

Stroganoff - 21.9

Tenderloin fillet strips in a cream, paprika, mushroom and onion sauce served with rice

Pollo alla Crema - 17.9

Chicken breast in a mushroom sauce with onions white wine, garlic and cream served with mixed vegetables.

Can be served with peppercorn sauce

Stuffed Peppers - 14.9

With a vegetable rice, La piazza tomato sauce, garlic and pine nuts, topped with mozzarella


Fries - 3.6

Tenderstem broccoli - 4.9

with butter and lemon

New potatoes - 3.9

with butter and sea salt

Mixed seasonal vegetables - 3.7

Parmesan and truffle fries - 5.5

Rice - 2.9

Grilled Portabello mushrooms - 4.50

with garlic

Bread - 2.5


Diane - 3.5

Creamy Mushroom - 3.5


Peppercorn - 3.5


Red wine jus - 3.5


Blue Cheese - 3.5

Look out for our seasonal offers on the Specials Board

Please inform a member of staff of any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Some of our ingredients may have come into contact with nuts.  Our food may have been cooked in oil containing GM ingredients.

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